What are your overall comments regarding how Studio Enso conducted themselves on your wedding day?

The thing that impressed us the most is that we hardly noticed you were there! I promise that’s a compliment. We really wanted a relaxed atmosphere, one that didn’t feel forced and you both helped with that. We can’t think of anything to work on!

Did you receive any feedback from family, friends or guests regarding Studio Enso?

We’ve shared your sneak peek with our closest family and friends and it brought some of them to tears they were so beautiful. The photo pod was a great hit with everyone on the day as well.

What was your biggest concern before hiring us? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

Our biggest concern for anyone that we booked was to make sure the day wasn’t documented in a ‘cringe’ way. Sounds odd, but we’d seen so many photographers and videographer’s work in South Wales and their work (although beautiful) seemed over the top and to be honest, just not ‘us’. Our main concern was making sure you guys understood how we wanted to capture our day… our sneak peek but our minds at rest completely!

How did you feel when we were there with our cameras?

As mentioned in a previous answer, we were all so at ease with the cameras on the day. Hardly noticed they/you were there! I’m not quite sure how you both did it but we felt as though we weren’t on alert for the cameras – which made the photos more beautiful as they’re all so natural.

What was your first reaction to seeing your Wedding Day Sneak Peek and/or Teaser Film?

We both thought the sneak peek was amazing. We’re absolutely over the moon with what we’ve seen so far.

What is your favourite sneak peek photo and/or part of the teaser film, and why?

We love all the group photos, the photo of us both with the back drop of Pencoed (in colour – when we’re walking down the drive) and the bridge photo of us both. It was hard to pick favourites though as they’re all so lovely.

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