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The search ‘for all things wedding’ begins, the best wedding venue, most experienced wedding planner, a wedding dress that will have your guests awestruck,  shoes to compliment the dress, the bridesmaid’s dress’, the wedding favours, a wedding DJ, the wedding colour scheme, and what about the all-important wedding day hashtag. We know how precious each decision is and we appreciate how hard it can be, we’re here to help in any way we can.

Now you’re searching for the best Cardiff wedding photographer and videographer.  Well, you’re in luck, this is exactly where you need to be. The google gods have led you to us, and this is where wedding photography and videography greatness live ;) If you’re looking for Cardiff wedding photographer and videographer team, then look no further than us at Studio Enso. We see ourselves as a fun, creative and innovative group of artists on a quest for perfection; one wedding, one picture, one film, one moment at a time.

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Why Us?

At the heart of every wedding, there’s a story, your story, it actually is the heart of the wedding. It’s your story that’s brought together your family and friends. Your story that’s creating the joy, excitement, laughter, pride, tears, passion, every emotionally charged moment is uniquely expressing your story to us. As storytellers, we spend the entire day searching for these moments. We don’t set them up, we just observe the flow capturing everything in real time totally uninterrupted, 100% real, raw emotion.

Small intimate moments that mostly go unnoticed, the tiny details that are usually forgotten, these we capture and meticulously mould into a story about your day, your love, your life.

How We Work

As wedding photographers and videographers, our bride and groom are at the centre of the process, as the wedding day unfolds we’re constantly adapting our approach to meet your needs.

You’d like us to take charge of the day with specific photos you’d like us to capture, then that is what we’ll do. Maybe you’re both a little camera shy and would prefer us to not be seen. ‘Were you even there? You were like ninjas on our day. No idea how you got all those wonderful shots without us noticing.’ said one of our brides. Ever since a child I wanted to be a ninja, guess I kinda am now lol. If you need us we’ll show up but if you don’t, we’ll literally blend into the background, well maybe not so literally.

Our Style Of Wedding Photography

Studio Enso | Wedding Photography and Videography Reviews

Yes, our wonderful Brides and Grooms love us as much as we love them!!!..

“We would highly recommend Studio Enso. Naim and Bee photographed our wedding in July. They were great from the first chat, always really helpful, totally understood the type of chilled documentary photography we wanted, and always had really genuine enthusiasm about our day. On the day itself, Naim was amazing! It was raining, quite a lot, but he was running about capturing everything. When we got the photos (very quickly after the day itself), we were blown away. They are incredibly beautiful and we don’t know how Naim captured so many things at once, he was everywhere! So many lovely unposed shots of people and beautiful pictures of the venue – including by a drone, which was very popular on the day. It’s so lovely to see parts of the day we missed and to have so many moments of happiness and laughter captured. Lovely people, lovely photos, could not recommend highly enough.

JENNY + DAVE | 2017

“How do you put into words what the video already shows. Absolutely amazing. I can throw all the cliches out at the work but honestly anyone that’s seen this work so far is left speechless. Some of the most heart touching clips I’ve ever seen on a wedding film. The precision, dedication, care and professionalism all the way through shines through the videos. We are forever grateful you’ve taken the time to put our most important moments in the amazing feature you produced. The wait is worth it when you get sent perfection. We can’t honestly recommend your work enough. So amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Exceptional work.”


couple kissing at fonmon castle wedding day
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Why We Do What We Do

We love photos and film, it was a hobby that developed into a passion which luckily then became our profession and everyone loves a good wedding. Combining our passion for our profession and love of weddings was the easiest decision of our lives – we’ve not looked back since.

Like we’ve said already ( Bee’s always pointing out I repeat myself lol ) this is our dream job, it’s literally a mash-up of everything that ‘floats our boat’ – 

Technology: our brains hurt trying to understand how tech works so we’ve decided to just believe it’s magic that makes our camera work. Most weekends we’re at a wedding playing with our cameras, while the weekdays are spent in front of our computers.

Creativity: challenges keep us on our toes, every wedding throws us a few here and there. Every challenge can be squashed with a little bit of creativity. I once stopped a groom fighting with a builder! We love seeking for the unusual and overlooked.

People: they’re awesome, we’re yet to attend a wedding where we’ve felt like outsiders. We’re always made to feel a part of the day, like we said, people are awesome. Meeting 100 new people every weekend is great for your Facebook friends count.

Travel: since accepting destination weddings in 2017, we’ve been to Jamaica and Cyprus. Being flown to exotic countries to photograph and film a wedding is a massive ego boost lol. Destination weddings are a delight.

Love: it makes the world go around, yes it’s love, not money that does that. We get to see people at their most vulnerable, look each other in the eye and say ‘I Do’, so much strength is gained from two such simple words.

Family: ‘you enter as two people in love and exit as husband and wife‘. We witness two separate people with two separate families becoming one. Wait a minute, maybe that’s the magic that makes out cameras work?

Everything we could wish for in a job we find and will continue to find as wedding photographers and videographers.


A Little More About Us

We’re Naim and Bee, both fine art wedding photographer and videographersHead Creatives of the Studio Enso team.

The beautiful city of Cardiff is where we’re based, but have shot weddings all over the world. We live in a gadget-packed house with our gorgeous son Leo and very cute, yet very annoying cat Zeze (I keep telling her the keyboard is not your bed lol).

Our favorite things in the world are traveling and laughing, and when we’re not shooting weddings you’ll find us working out at the gym, as far away from the mirrors as possible (need to lose a few more pounds before we have the courage for that lol). Live without our cameras is not an option, nor our love of art and Netflix (House Of Cards – damn you Kevin Spacey, and Breaking Bad – OMG what an ending).

We spend a lot of time playing with our kid (will be plural soon we hope) and nothing makes us happier than traveling around the world and adding new stamps to our passport.

Our love of art is what inspired us to become wedding photographer and videographers. We’ve been at weddings most weekends for a combined 15 years and can’t imagine doing anything else.

A wedding day is one of the best times to observe people which is now a hobby of ours, people watching is weirdly addictive lol. We also work five days a week in our PJs while on each others lap. That’s when the magic happens… no not that kind of magic lol

Our couples love to throw a great day that ends with an awesome party, the last thing they want is a super cheesy photographer or videographer hijacking their wedding day barking orders with crazy demands. Your Day Your Way!!!

Our wedding photography and videography style is natural and creative. We capture all the wonderful, silly and wonderfully silly moments while leaving you to float around your awesome wedding. For us, what we love the most about a wedding day is the dancing, everyone’s a bit tipsy and has totally forgotten about us and our cameras. When we say tipsy we really mean drunk as hell! 

Your wedding is all about having a wonderful time with your friends and family. You don’t care about formalities or worrying about the little things that don’t matter – you just want to dance to your favourite songs with your favourite people.

If this sounds like you, and you don’t think We’re total weirdos (or maybe you do and you like it!) then get in touch!

A Few Of Our Wedding Films

Studio Enso | Wedding Photo and Video Reviews

Getting reviews like this makes us feel warm, we love what we do!!!..

“When my now-husband and I were planning the wedding, we knew we definitely wanted a videographer so that we could re-live the moments we may have forgotten. We reached out to Studio Enso and we are so incredibly happy with our wedding video, and if we could do it all over again, we would choose them every time.
Naim was fab on the day, in fact, we hardly noticed he was there! The video captures the whole day, and all of our guests, perfectly and is everything we could have asked for and more. He was professional, friendly and talented, all of which were reflected in our perfect wedding video; we would highly recommend Studio Enso to anyone.”


bride and groom on summer wedding day had to say about wedding videographer
Bride and groom kissing Wedding Photo of a Cardiff wedding

I was so happy when I found the perfect photographer for our wedding and was even more excited that they came as a couple. They are both incredibly friendly got on well with us and our guests. Took a lot more pictures than I was ever expecting which was fantastic as we have more memories to look back at. We both would highly recommend this couple as the perfect wedding photographers.

SARA + TOM | 2017

“OMG thank you, it’s amazing I’ve watched it about 100 times, I love it!!! It was worth the wait!! You both did an amazing job thank you so much xxxxx”


Groom kissing the bride after they say their vows

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