Birde and Groom kissing on there wedding day

Destination Wedding Videographer Chateau La Durantie.

From the first moment we met Jenna and Brendan we knew there day would be just as amazing as they are! What an absolute pleasure.

The day was planned to perfection, gin was flowing, as was the laughter and love! Being there as Jenna and Brendan’s Chateau La Durantie Wedding Videographer was one of the highlights or our year, and a memory that will be cherished forever!

Here’s what the couple had to say about their experience with us.

Before you booked us as your photographer/videographer, what were your thoughts regarding your wedding photos and/or video?
It was a necessity to have a videographer. Although we didn’t want it to look too cheesy and cringe. We had also seen some videos which looked quite amateur.

At this stage, what were the most important things you wanted and were looking for from your wedding photographer and/or videographer?
A professional looking finished product which was personal to us and captured ours and our guest’s personalities and vibes.

What were your main reservations and anxieties regarding your wedding photos and/or video?
We didn’t want to watch it back and cringe as we aren’t typically romantic or ‘lovey-dovey’

What was your biggest concern before hiring us? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
That the finished product wouldn’t live up to expectation. And no it did not come true!

Had you seen any of Studio Enso’s photos and/or video before? If so, what were your thoughts?
Studio Enso has been recommended by our photographer, so we looked at some of the previous clients videos online. We loved the style, how good the camera quality was and the professional editing.

What were the main reasons for choosing Studio Enso as your wedding photographer and/or videographer?
Studio enso was recommended by our photographer so we trusted his judgement as we loved his work and style. Then after watching previous Studio Enso works, realised it was a no brainer! Also meeting you both prior to booking was useful to see if you were the kind of people we would want present working at our wedding. Both of you came across really well and we thought you would fit in well with our day and guests. We were sad Bee was unable to travel in the end!

What are your overall comments regarding how Studio Enso conducted themselves?
Naim was such a fantastic guy to have around on the wedding day. We hardly noticed he was there during the day and evening and then got to spend the late hours partying with him with our friends and family! Lovely down to earth guy who makes you feel relaxed and fits in well with all the guests and celebrations.

Did you receive any feedback from family, friends or guests regarding Studio Enso?
They all commented on how down to earth and friendly Naim was.

They all commented on how down to earth and friendly Naim was.
Absolutely brilliant! The quality was amazing and the way it had been edited was perfect for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better film. Thank you.

If you were to recommend Studio Enso to friends, what words would you use to describe your experience and reasons they should use Studio Enso?
Great guy to have around on your wedding day and a beautiful high quality finished product at the end of it. You may have to wait a while though ;)

Do you have any further general feedback, positive or negative, that you’d like to voice?
Just thank you for capturing the best day of our lives and creating a beautiful video we can keep and look back on in our old age! We would happily recommend you to anyone. If you’re ever in the Gloucester/Cheltenham area let us know and we can meet with Tom for some drinks :)

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